The team at FoleyArt always delivered very effective and nice-sounding recordings that sit very well in the mix. And I was always impressed by the pleasant contact and overall professionalism regarding schedule, communication, responsiveness and finance. Keep it up!
Sebastian Morsch
Supervising sound editor
I had the pleasure to work with foleyart on several projects. In the Netflix Series Unorthodox they made the studio shots come to life with great sounding footsteps and dramatic creaking bedsprings. Their recordings sound both realistic and cinematic, so it fits perfectly to the dialogue track and the Sound FX recordings are a great asset for Sound Design.
Paul Rischer
Sound designer
We'd like to thank you for many projects now, we appreciate your effort and the quality of your work very much.
There is never any doubt that you could not deliver in time which is super important in our very tight schedules.
Petra Kader-Göbel
Inhouse producer
Great communication, fast turnaround and good quality - it's always a pleasure to work with Victor and his team.

Manu Gaber
Sound Supervision

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